Spring Is Right Around The Corner

Spring brings with it joy and anticipation of warm summer days and evenings spent relaxing with family and friends.  Spring for me is a reminder of the many things I put off during the winter months.  I have my own personal list, but as a member of Steiner Scherber Real Estate Team I can think of those annoying, boring tasks that we remind our friends, family and clients to complete.

As you know the Steiner Scherber Team is a full service team, with a specialization in probate and estate properties.  We have been witness to so many transactions over the years that become cumbersome and problematic because the owners of the property never created their trust, or neglected to update their trust over the years.  Life sends us down a road of many changes that impact our eventual wishes  for those we leave behind upon our death.   Use this as your reminder to get your trust done, update your trust to reflect your wishes today!  Don’t wait until it is too late and your family members are burdened by something that can be easily and thoughtfully resolved before we leave this world.

On that happy note, HAPPY SPRING, TAKE TIME TO SMELL THE ROSES, and count your many blessings today.  I did!

Market Insight

The Sacramento real estate market is still going strong, and we don’t believe it will let up anytime soon.  Our open houses still have large numbers of families viewing homes, our phone is still ringing and we maintain a busy schedule tending to buyer’s and seller’s needs. We have had an abundance of buyers moving here from the Bay Area for a variety of reasons: better values, less traffic providing more family time, and enjoyment of all the amenities Sacramento provides.  If you or anyone you know is looking for assistance please call Jackie or Mimi and we will be glad to help!